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WALKWELFARE FOUNDATION (WWF): is a humanitarian non-profit organization that provides emergency relief, rehabilitation development assistance, and programs services to helpless communities worldwide.  WalkWelfare Foundation is also dedicated to improving the lives of neglected, orphan children and old age in inaccessible communities all over the world. Moving people toward a new vision and enabling them with the skills and resources for a brighter future. Walk is only dedicated to reducing human suffering and is non-political in its mission.

Distribution of Wheel Chairs

Serving free food at Pir Usman Hospital
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Major Projects

Aim and Objects

Salient Feature:

-Rehabilitation of the disabled
-Clinical treatments
-Disability prevention
-Hospital Munshi Muhammad
-Increasing public awareness of disabilities and rehabilitation
-To bring relief to all ethnic groups, especially focusing, on orphans children and families in remote areas of the world.

-To provide resources for the welfare and rehabilitation of the homeless and destitute persons.
-To provide free spiritual treatment and taking care of well-being of the needy patients


-The WWF is a duly registered body
-The W
WF affairs are planned, guided and supervised by a Board of Trustees
-Donations and Zakat are deposited in the bank account or in the office of the
WWF against a receipt
he accounts of the WWF are scrupulously maintained and audited by a charted accountant

HOSPITAL: Peer Usman laid down the foundation of this hospital back in January 1st, 2010.  He named this hospital after his late grandfather "Munshi Mohammad Ramzan". The hospital with 27,000 square foot of coverage has 22 patients rooms and a beautiful large Masjid attached to it where hundreds of people offer their gratitude and thanks to the Almighty Allah. Each patient room is equipped with a bed and an attached bath.

The sole purpose of this hospital is to offer free healing and treatment to everyone irrespective of his or her religion, status or condition. Peer Usman belongs to a respected family of Bahawalpur who owns a large agricultural land.

The majority of the contribution for this hospital has come from Peer Usman's own personal donation, including several acres of his ancestors' land. Other donations came from his other family members including his father and friends (from Pakistan, UK and Norway).

DONATION NEEDS:  We need donations to construct two stories building at MMR Free Hospital. Currently the Hospital and the Rehabilitation Center are mainly run with the help of volunteers and financial support from Peer Usman. The daily expense is about Rs 20,000 ($225 US dollars) that mainly covers food and lodging for the admitted patients. We have limited supply of medicines and medical equipment. Our intention is to increase medical staff from one doctor to five doctors and broaden the services that can be offered for patients who come for healing. We are in dire need of more hospital beds and medical equipment.

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Monthly Expenses
Food: PKR 600K
Phone: PKR 5K
Electricity: PKR 25K
Petrol: PKR 50K
Wages: PKR 100K
Supplies: PKR 15K
Total: PKR 795K

Immediate Needs
Cooler: PKR 135K (1 unit)
Beds: PKR 1,760K (80 units)
Wheel Chairs: PKR 600K (50 units)
Linen: PKR 100K (250 units)
Blankets: PKR 250K (100 units)
Fans: PKR 105K (70 units)
Total: PKR 2,950K

Future Needs (Until January 2013)
Ultrasound: PKR 600K (1 unit)
Xray: PKR 800K (1 unit)
Ambulance: PKR 800K (1 unit)
Operations Theatre
Bed: PKR 200K (1 unit)
Light: PKR 70K (1 unit)
Surgery Equipment: PKR 100K
Sterilizer: PKR 50K
Office Furniture: PKR 200K
Medicine: PKR 300K
Laboratory: PKR 600K
Computers: PKR 100K
Total: PKR 3,820K

Walk Welfare Foundation Head Office:

31 Craven Road,
Nottingham, UK

Bank Information:

Bank: NatWest
Sort Code: 60 11 33
Account#: 22652574

+44 11 5808 2955
+44 78 2814 7617
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So far about 4.5 crore rupee (4.25 million dollars) have been spent on the construction of the hospital.  The break down of this expenditure is as follows: Peer Usman donated about 3.5 crore rupee ($3.2 million dollars) and a large piece of land whose estimated value is around 2 crore rupee ($2 million dollars).  Another large donation came from Norway of about 23 lakh rupee ($260000) while the rest came from Pakistan. There are 22 patient rooms, each of 12x12 square foot in size. One therapy room of 100x100 square foot.  Five rooms for doctors and five rooms for administrative purposes 2012. All rights reserved.